There are THREE things to check.

First, in cPanel, you MUST upload your web pages to the "public_html" directory for them to be seen.  If you do not do this, nobody will be able to see your web pages.

Second, if you did upload correctly to the public_html directory and you still see only the "welcome" placeholder page, you must either DELETE or RENAME the existing index.html and use YOUR index file. The system may be "seeing" our welcome page and is not seeing your index page.

Third, if you did both of the above and still do not see your pages, it may be because either your web browser is caching the old pages or because your Internet service provider (ISP) is caching them.

Try clearing cache in your web browser, or refreshing your browser or configuring your browser to to refresh each time you visit a page

OR if it is your ISP, you may need to wait 1-2 days before YOU can see your site. If this is the case, switch to another ISP as this is TERRIBLE service.