The most common reason for this is because you or someone at your location tried to log in to either email, FTP, web mail, or your control panel numerous times using the wrong login or`password.

We have a strict security system that allows you to make a few errors BUT if you continue to try to login using bad passwords, or bad logins (the most common being you not using your complete email address when accessing you email account), using the wrong information to FTP or  to enter you control panel, the system thinks YOU are a hacker and blocks you!  It actually blocks the IP address that you are using to access the Internet.

The most common way to know this is happening is when you can not see your`own web site nor can you send or receive email. There can be other causes, but this is the most common. Check with a friend at another physical location,  If they can see your wen site, then this is the issue.

To fix this, we need to know your IP address.  We need that number to assist you. To get this, go to   You will be given a number with 4 groupings like:  Copy and paste that number and email it to support or use this support web site and open a ticket. Tell us the issue and give us that number. They will get you back online right away. BUT...

NOTE: Do NOT keep trying to login after the system tells you that your login  has not been accepted.  They system WILL think you are a hacker `and WILL deny you access.  If you do this from a company, the entire company may be blocked!It is your responsibility to train your users to properly access their accounts