AWStats is an information gathering program that provides you with current detailed statistics regarding visitors to your web site. In most Plans, it is a free resource.

You can see how many people visited your web site, where they came from, search engine referral data and much more.

AWStats is turned OFF by default, To turn it ON, go to your Control Panel > Web Options and click the OFF button to turn it ON. Stats will be available to view the next day.

Can I view AWStats in any other language other than English?


AWstats is configured to automatically set the language, and will deliver content according to the web browser's preferences.

Change the browser's default language to the language you desire and reload the page. AW Stats will load in the language and your page will display in the language of your choice if available, currrently, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

This has been tested in IE and Firefox and works perfectly.

Note: Changing the default language to one other than your will not afftect browsing in general if the page you are loading is configured properly. In other words, an English site will display in English even if the default is in Spanish.

Note: If you do set your default language to something other than your native language, many other web sites (Microsoft, for example) will now display in the default language which may be inconvenient.  If this is the case, simply change the default back to your native tongue.