It is extremely rare that our web and email servers are down. The more common problem is that your IP address has been blocked. Every time you use the Internet, you are assigned an IP address that looks like this: 123.432.24.432 or similar.

To check if your IP address has been blocked, do this: Ask a friend if they can see your web site. This friend must NOT be in the same location as you are. If they can see your web site, then that means that your IP probably been blocked. If they too cannot see your web site, open a ticket here so we can check the issue.

However, if they can see your web site, then your IP probably has been blocked.


Our security systems are set up to block any IP address where the person tried to login unsuccessfully to your email or your control panel more than three times. The system "thinks" that someone is trying to hack your account and instantly blocks the user's IP address so they cannot hack your account. If that was you, then you get blocked just as would be a hacker.

How to fix:

First go to

That site will give you your IP address.

Open a ticket here and provide us with the IP address.

We will unblock it for you.

HOWEVER, you must now be very careful to fix the problem because the system will block you again if you keep trying to enter any of your accounts using the wrong login information. Therefore, it is best to enter your control panel and update the problem password then copy and paste it into your email program or control panel login. In any case, you must make 100% sure that you are using the correct login and password or the problem will return.

More information can be found in our Knowledge Base