If you cannot connect via FTP, please check the following items as they are the most common reasons for this failure:

  1. The login for cPanel FTP should look like an email address.  It follows this pattern:   login@yourdomainname.xxx where yourdomainname.xxx is your domain name.  Do NOT just use the login as that will not work.

  2. You are using the incorrect password.  Make sure you are using it exactly and copy and paste it if necessary. We require complex passwords, so it is easy to make an error.

  3. Another user on your system may have changed the password, so check to make sure it was not changed. If you have permission to enter the control panel, you may change it.

  4. Remember that if you fails to login correctly more then THREE times, it is very possible the system will block your IP. Get help if any logins do not work as expected.

  5. Your FTP program (including Dreamweaver and others) MUST be set to a passive connection. Active will NOT work.

If  you have tried all of these and still have issues, then open a ticket here for assistance.