It is almost impossible to assist you with your specific email problem as we cannot see what you are doing and there are many email programs and platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. However, read this information below, and if you follow the instructions, you should be able to configure any email program. If you have further problems, you should contact the publisher of the program for configuration guidance. i.e for Outlook > Contact Microsoft.  For Mac . contact the publish or support forums. If you have problems, you may consider hiring a competent technician for assistance.

Here are a link that can provide very helpful information on configuring a variety of email clients (programs).  This can be helpful if you are not technically inclined and do not have a web professional to assist you!

Look elsewhere in this knowledge base for specific examples on email program configurations.

Before you start, you must first go to your web hosting control panel and set up and email account. Follow the instructions in your control panel for adding email accounts.

Sending and Receiving email:

You can use any email program such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, The BAT, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, or any other similar product. There are dozens.

***  All email programs require the same information and therefore our servers require the same information to function properly.. Each must basically be configured the same way, though each program is different in exactly how you configure it.

Each customer (you) is provided his own email server. These servers handle your Incoming email (POP or IMAC) and Outgoing email (SMTP). To configure your email program, you will need the following information:

You will need your SMTP and POP server names. These can be found in your Control Panel -> Email -> You MUST use these!

You must know if SSL is supported.  In general, we do NOT provide SSL connections and you will receive errors if you attempt to configure secure ports.

POP, IMAC and SMTP servers addresses are always the same on our servers.

They will be:

POP or IMAC (incoming email)  =

SMTP (outgoing mail) is the same =

Your login name is your COMPLETE email address, not just the name.   i.e. ''      NOT just the name 'mary'.

You must also find and check the box or option that says, "My SMTP server requires Authentication" or similar wording. This is critical.  We require this so nobody can send SPAM using your mail server. If this box is not checked, you will receive an error when you try to send email but you will be able to receive email. Do NOT confuse this with a box that may be call My Server Requires Authentication or My server requires a password" They are NOT the same.

Note Regarding Mac Mail:  Mac Mail at times sets the configuration to use SSL.  This is a bug and causes issues.  Make sure  your port numbers are as follows:

POP:   110

SMTP: 25

and If IMAP:

Incoming port: 143

Note: 99.3% of the problems encountered occur when these instructions are not followed exactly, so if your e-mail program still does not work, review these instructions again as you almost certainly missed something.